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Upcoming Litters have been sold out, please get in touch with us closer to 2023 to get placed onto our waitlist thank you for your interest and cant wait to see what we have coming up:)

Important disclosure***

Because of recent events, I feel compiled to make a note here on my website. I've had a couple of puppies returned to me and or given away and felt I failed the puppies as a breeder or didn't inform the owners well enough. If anyone is suffering from a mental illness or depression please consider all necessary options prior to adopting a puppy. Many shelters and rescues have adult dogs that need love and support themselves, and in many cases is much easier than a puppy. A puppy can sometimes make situations worse and not better. Puppies require tons of time, attention and care just like a newborn baby. I'm writing this in hopes of not getting another returned puppy because of a heat of the moment decision. 



Malik is our Serbian Import with championship bloodlines he is genetically health tested, and hips and elbows are normal, awaiting echo 24hr holter.


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Maggie Jean comes from a championship bloodline, daughter of our late Maximus, and grand-daughter of the great Aimen Daker two time IPO champion! not only is she gorgeous , but she is as healthy as a horse! Please take a look at her health test located top right corner...(go to "show more")

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Shauna & Joey

Here at S & J Dobermans we strive to perfect the Dobermann. We believe in health, confirmation, and temperament. We will make sure every puppy is a GREAT match for each and every family.

S & J Dobermans


We've always loved animals and taking care of them is our passion. We started raising high quality dobermans when we realized the dobermans that are being produced aren't quality at all and felt that the breed was going down hill, we love the doberman breed and will do anything to make the breed the best it can be. It's so heart breaking hearing all the stories of their beloved family members passing on from negligent "dog breeding" aka "back yard breeders." in our business all of the parents are health tested for genetic diseases such as Vwd, DCM, and DM....along with a few other tests. All of our pups live inside the house with the rest of the family, we do not keep our family outside in kennels. Yes, it does get a bit hectic at times but we wouldn't want it any other way!


We have recently moved from Colorado Springs, CO to Paradise, CA where the fires had happened, and now we live in Golden Valley, AZ

Golden Valley, AZ

209-275-7656 or 209-275-9709