Pet Ear Crops

Ear Cropping begins at 8 weeks of age, by our vet Dr. Nave in Las Vegas, NV. He's been cropping ears for 40+ years at Tropicana Animal Hospital and does a wonderful job on pet crops.  After puppies are cropped the ears will be in a brace to hold ears erect all while giving antibiotics and pain meds for 10 full days, after 10-14 days sutures will need to come out by your vet. You will need to make sure everything is healed before posting ears begins. Our method here at S & J and many other places is backer rod, which I will show you how to do so on your own. Lastly, your puppy will need to be picked up within 4 days of the initial ear crop, antibiotics and pain meds will need to proceed in your care. ***After this time frame we charge a daily boarding fee to care for and feed your puppy. 

***If you are looking to show and want a show crop we have another vet we would use but there is a large price difference that needs to be paid by the buyer before surgery, typically we would ask for these costs a week prior to appointment.***

Puppies not getting cropped with us get a $200.00 discount on the purchase price of the puppy, (Purchase price due upfront before 7 weeks of age)