Our boy is such a super nerd! He loves listening to YouTube with me in the mornings, he just goes along with it!
He's also great about chewing.. He mostly just chews his toys and bones, he still loves to chew on my arms and legs, which i'm starting not to love so much haha!! 
Thank you so much! Seems like i forget everything when i get home because i have a beautiful doberman puppy that greets me and i just forget about everything. 

Jacque Luke and Family

liz pup after training.jpeg

"We had always wanted a puppy to bring home and when we decided to start looking, we found S and J Dobermans! After lots of research to make sure this breed was right for us, we decided to move forward. Shauna and Joey made everything extremely easy, especially since we lived out of town. They were able to answer any questions we had, whenever we had them. We even got pictures of the litter while we waited to get him! After getting our puppy they were still there, following up, making sure everything was going great. We've had Kuma for 3 months no and he's really become a part of the family. Big thank you to Shauna and Joey for all your help and support!! We love Kuma and cant imagine him not with us!"

Liz And Joe


"Will be very interested to see how big she gets. Matt says, "she is queen of the castle." People really admire her looks. She is doing very well!"

Joanna and Matt



I cant say enough good things about Joey and Shauna and their puppies!! I was so nervous at first since they were 1,100 miles away from me. I did a lot of research  and talked with several breeders in our area but just didn't have that "click" with any of them. Joey and Shauna video chatted several times so we could see the puppies. We also kept in regular contact through out the whole process. We received lots of pics as well. Our Arlo had to be shipped due to my schedule conflicts. Shauna handled everything that had to be done for that. She truly was a life saver!! Two months later and they both still check in to see how he's doing. I know they take pride in breeding their puppies and it shows! We have a very smart and healthy puppy. If we ever decide to get a friend for Arlo, it definitely will come from Joey and Shauna.

Hannah and Andrea


My husband is very happy with our new puppy Rogue, and loves how big shes getting...And still growing! Shes huge! and still only a

Sarah and family